A New Beginning

Today I thought I’d start something new with this site. I was just posting all my videos here and that was it, but I thought that was rather redundant. People could just as easily subscribe to my YouTube channel and be done with it. I will still be posting my videos here, but in sub-pages that you will find on the menu below. Instead I thought I’d get back into blogging a bit and sharing additional thoughts beyond what you’ll find in my vlogs.

I may not blog as often, or as regularly as I vlog, but I will try and keep this site updated a bit more frequently than I have in the past. I also welcome all comments on my blogs as I do on my vlogs and gaming videos as well. Also if you want to stop in and chat with me sometime, I’ve often got my live chat active. I may not respond right away, but if you are patient I’ll be happy to chat with you.

Either way I hope that this will be yet another way for my fans to get to know me and get some additional sense of my random thoughts!