A Split Decision

So I’ve had my Kleineganz YouTube channel for over 2 years now. It started out simply as a vlog channel – originally as a countdown to my 40th birthday. That ultimately evolved into my “Random Thoughts on Thursdays” vlog series. At one point during that series I mentioned being a gamer and several of my fans asked me to put up some gaming footage. From there my various gaming series came about.

I’m now at a cross-roads where I know I have fans who enjoy both my vlogs and games, but some who strictly only watch my vlogs, and some who only watch my games. I need to decide – to I continue with posting both games and vlogs onto the same channel as I’ve been doing, or do I launch a gaming channel, dedicated to just my gaming videos? My old gaming videos would continue to live on my current channel, and I’d just link playlists from the new channel to them and remove the gaming playlists from the current channel. This would make Kleineganz more streamlined and focused only on vlogs, the occasional tag, travel or pet video.

I’m asking my fans out there – what would be your preference? Keep everything in one place, or move the games onto their own channel? Please let me know in the comments below!