DSC04008I’ve never been at a loss for words, even when I was a small child. I may have been painfully shy, but if you got me to talk, you’d be hard pressed to get me to stop. I found an outlet for everything I had to say online through chat rooms, forums and even my own blogs. My first passion has always been with my voice, and through YouTube I am now able to do just that through my vlogs as well. However, in this blog you will find an extension of my vlogs – additional random thoughts I wasn’t able to fit into a video during any given week. Some weeks I may post multiple blogs, some weeks I may not post any – it really will depend on if I have something to say that I can’t fit into the vlog that week. I won’t adhere to any specific schedule so this blog will be truly random.

I guess all my life I’ve just been a big geek at heart and besides video games, I’ve always loved sci-fi and fantasy, both in book and TV/Movie format. I also love technology, gadgets, and computers in general.¬†Another passion of mine has been video games. Ever since the first time I played Pong at my uncle’s house in the 70s, I’ve had a love for gaming. In the 80s, I had to rely on friends of mine with an Atari system in order to get to play (our family couldn’t afford such extravagances), and in the early 90s I had to use computer labs on campus (to play SimCity, the only game they would install because it was “educational”). By the late 90s I had a computer in the home and fell in love with such games as Ultima IX, Forsaken, Myst, Tomb Raider and of course the latest installment(s) of SimCity.

These days the primary games I’ve been enjoying have been In the past few years I’ve been enjoying games like the Sims 4, the newest SimCity, and World of Warcraft. My current obsession however is with the Dragon Age franchise, which has inspired me to get into writing. I am happy to share my love of computer games with the world through YouTube so please check out some of my gaming videos as well if you enjoy games as much as I do. If you enjoy reading Fan Fiction, I also write Dragon Age Fan Fiction stories, if you’d like to read those (warning they are not safe for work [NSFW]).

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