Dining Out or Staying In

My husband and I tend to not see eye-to-eye on this topic. He likes to go out. Every night. Before I met him, I would go out and eat maybe once or twice per month. Now we’re eating out nearly every night, and have been for years now. Tonight I’d rather stay home. I have plenty of food in the house that I can cook, but he’s insisting, yet again, to go out. One would think it’s because he doesn’t like my cooking, but when we do stay in he always goes back for seconds and thirds. He insists he gets bored “always” being at home (despite the fact we rarely eat in).

Where we live, the culture is very much geared towards going out to eat. Any night of the week restaurants are packed – so much so that we tend to eat later in the evening to avoid the crowds. So it’s not just us who are going out all the time. A significant portion of the population here does too. I just miss having more quiet evenings at home. I’m a homebody at heart and I enjoy cooking.

What’s your take? If money wasn’t an object, would you prefer to eat out more often? Would you prefer to still stay home and cook?