Doctor Who

Doctor GabiFor any of you who have watched my vlogs at all, you might know that I am a Doctor Who fan. For those who don’t know this little tid-bit, you can see I’m a big enough fan to cos play as Doctor Who at Sci-Fi conventions (and no, the TARDIS isn’t mine, although I wish it was!). I did make the scarf myself though!

Anyway, if you follow anything related to Doctor Who, you’ll know that the 50th Anniversary special is happening in a few days (on November 23). I am besides myself about this because I still remember thinking when Doctor Who was cancelled back in 1989 “gee I hope they still make specials for the show at major milestones!”

I had such high hopes for the Fox production of Doctor Who, which only resulted in the one movie (Paul McGann was brilliant, even if the movie was a bit of a Terminator rip-off). Then the BBC brought the series back all the way in 2005 and thankfully it’s still going strong. All this time I was hoping they would do something special for the 50th anniversary and I don’t think they will disappoint.

To celebrate the occasion, I am hosting a small viewing party for the live simulcast of the episode. We’re having a little brunch beforehand (I’ll be serving french toast, bacon and mimoas … yes I know it should be fish fingers and custard, but I don’t think anyone would enjoy that, LOL).

So let’s all break out our Jelly Babies and see what adventure the Doctor has in store for us this time! Who was your favorite Doctor? Can you guess which is mine? Here’s a hint: