My introduction to video games was very early. I don’t recall what age I was, but I was probably somewhere between the age of 3 – 5, when my uncle introduced me to “Pong.” It was a great game – simple enough that even at that young age, I could figure out how to play, addictive enough that I never wanted to stop.

For years afterwards I wanted to play more video games, but my family didn’t have much money. I could only play when we went to visit my uncle, who was more well off than the rest of us. After “Pong” he introduced me to TI Invaders on his TI-99/4a computer. He eventually gifted that computer to me, but unfortunately by then TI had decided to get out of the PC / gaming market and I couldn’t find software for it. I was stuck playing TI Invaders and learning how to code BASIC (that’s all I was able to do without additional software cartridges).

When I was around 10 – 12, we would go visit my grandmother’s god son (who was also around my age). He had an Atari gaming system and we would spend hours playing together. I especially loved Pacman / Ms. Pacman. I begged and pleaded for an Atari of my own, but once again we couldn’t afford one. Instead I got a mechanical, hand-held “pong” game.

It wasn’t until the early 90s and I had access to computer labs at my university campus when I was able to start playing games again, this time SimCity, Oregon Trail and Amazon Trail (all were considered educational and loaded onto the lab computers). I was addicted to SimCity.

Once I moved to Colorado, and move in with my (now ex) boyfriend, I finally had access to a PC I could use to play games at home. I remember immersing myself in SimCity 2000, Myst an Ultima VII.

Time went on, relationships came and went, the computers I was able to afford got better and cheaper, and I started to play more games. I never played so much that it ever impacted my career or social life, but I would spend hours playing when I got the chance.

These days I still enjoy playing SimCity (the newest version of course), along with the Sims 3, World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and Aion. I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing video games, and honestly – why should I? They really aren’t “just for kids” anymore!!

Do you game? What games do you enjoy playing?