Getting Back into Fitness

In August 2012 I bought myself my first FitBit and joined a “Healthy Weight” program at my local gym. The program last 8 weeks, and got me on the right track in terms of a good exercise and nutrition program. Over the next 9 – 10 months I lost about 10 lbs (one of the sucky things about getting older – it’s harder to lose weight!), and I was going to the gym, 6 days / week.

Then it happened. I *lost* my motivation. Literally. I was at a conference in Chicago and I lost my FitBit Ultra. It was the kind that clipped to your pants and it must have slipped off when I went to the ladies room. I couldn’t find it. It hadn’t been turned in to the Lost & Found. It simply vanished, and with it all my motivation.

After getting back home, I didn’t go to the gym as often .. slipping from 6 days down to 3, then 2 and finally it was a challenge to just get in one day each week.  With that I started to also ignore my diet, and my weight began to go up again.

I was also having a couple of slow months with my business, so I couldn’t justify spending money on a new FitBit yet either. They had finally come out with a FitBit that was worn on the wrist, but it had no display so I was less than eager to get one. Then sometime in October of last year they announced the new FitBit Force. A wrist worn FitBit *with* a display. I immediately decided I had to have one. They weren’t coming out until closer to the holidays so I saved up the money to buy one.

In early December I ordered it, with a “2-4 week shipping” estimate. I may not get it in time for Christmas, but I was confident I’d get it in time for New Years. It arrived on December 23! 🙂

I began wearing it immediately, using the week before New Years as a baseline of how active I am when I’m not going to the gym. Then, on January 1, I went back to the gym for the first time in several weeks, eager to see how much of an increase of activity a 30-minute jaunt on the elliptical would be. I’ve since gone nearly every day (only taking a break on Sundays). I’ve also found that I enjoy watching TV series on Netflix on my smart phone while I work out and have been doing 45 minute sessions on the elliptical most of this past week.

My goal for 2014 is fairly simple: Be More Active. To define that a bit further, my minimal accepted level of activity will be 30 minutes (or 6,000+ steps/day), 3 days per week. If I do more – GREAT! But I need to push myself to go at least 3 days/ week.

FitBit helps me keep a record and I will hold myself accountable by making a brief update at the end of each week’s YouTube vlog reporting on my progress. This is an important goal for me, because it’s important for my health.