Getting Lost in Fantasy Worlds

Do you read fantasy books? My two favorite genres of books are Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and I think Fantasy being some of my most favorite (and Fantasy books that can find ways to incorporate elements  of Sci-Fi, such as the Shannara and Amber series have done) are among my most favorite. I especially love sweeping, epic fantasy that spans several books.

The top-of-mind series of course would be Lord of the Rings, which practically invented the genre in the first place. Those books are of course magnificent, but they are a difficult read. I’ve found books, like Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, much easier to read. They flow better, and he isn’t as overly verbose as J. R. R. Tolkien can be. While his first book, “The Sword of Shannara,” has a lot of parallels to Lord of the Rings, I actually enjoyed it better.

A Song of Fire and Ice, another sweeping, epic fantasy series (and inspiration for the Game of Thrones series on HBO), while voluminous and verbose, even read easier than Lord of the Rings.

In any case, I love getting myself lost in those worlds. I couldn’t put down those books, especially as a young adult. They were pure escapism, allowing me to step out of my humdrum existence, and for a few hours or days, step into a completely different world. I could go on epic quests and adventures with Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Druids, and even other Humans. I could help save the world and come back in once piece.

I’ve always felt a sense of loss when a book or series came to an end. Because of that I’ve re-read many of my favorite series over, and over again – wanting to go back and revisit just one more time.

Do you get lost in books? What genres suck you in the way fantasies suck me in?