I Love the Holidays

I am one of those people who unabashedly loves the holiday season. Yes, I am an atheist and I realize it’s weird to some people that I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you have to realize that I never celebrated them as religious holidays, even as a child. Despite the fact that my grandfather was Catholic and my grandmother was Lutheran, we were a remarkably secular family. Also a lot of what most people think of as Christian traditions, originated in Germanic pagan traditions. Seeing as I was raised in the German culture growing up (in fact, we only spoke German at home), it doesn’t seem weird to me to celebrate Christmas.

In fact my family went out of their way to make sure Christmas, and the overall holiday season, was a magical time for me. The rest of the year there was plenty of bickering and anger in our home, but during the holidays everyone put aside their differences and came together as a family – and from what they told me, it was all just for me. It was the best time of year because I was able to really be happy and enjoy my family. The memory of that stays with me to this day and I can’t help but feel happy, albeit a bit nostalgic, during this time of year.

So for those of you who who hate the holidays, please don’t begrudge those of us who love it. Many of us hold this time of year dear for our own personal reasons. Go take your bah-humbugs somewhere else.