New Gaming Channel!

I mentioned in a previous blog, that I was thinking about this, and I went ahead and did it – I launched a new YouTube channel that focuses on my games. So now going forward my main YouTube Channel (Kleineganz) will just have my weekly vlogs every Thursday, and perhaps the occasional random video here and there as I have the time or inclination to make them.

As for all my gaming videos – they now have an entirely new home of their own on my new gaming channel, KleineGames. The gaming videos I’ve posted on Kleineganz will remain there, but the most recent series of videos will linked through playlists on the new channel. All new videos will be posted to the new channel only, so if you’re a fan of my gaming videos, please subscribe! šŸ™‚ I will continue to maintain the same posting schedule as I’ve been doing:

  • Mondays: Aion
  • Wednesdays: World of Warcraft (solo dungeon run-throughs)
  • Saturdays: The Sims 3 (new series – Swans in Paradise)
  • Sundays: SimCity (with the Cities of the Future expansion)

So if you have been a fan of both vlogs and gaming videos, I’d appreciate if you’d subscribe to both. However for those of you who are fans of the vlog, now you won’t have to worry about my gaming videos clogging up your subscriber feed (and vice versa!).

Do you think this is a good idea? Tell me in the comments below!