Oh My Aching Back!

Living in Colorado, it’s expected to have snow in the winter. That’s just part of life here in the Mile-High State. However, as I’ve gotten older, it’s starting to get more difficult to remove that snow after a storm.

We had a snow storm blow through last night, leaving us with 5-7″ of the wet, heavy stuff (I would  have preferred fluffy powder!). Naturally, being a good neighbor, I felt obliged to shovel the snow off our sidewalk in front of our house. I’m not a morning person so I didn’t get out there until just after 11am and spent a good hour clearing a nice path. By the time I started, every one else’s walk had long been cleared, along with their entire driveways as well.

I don’t even bother with our driveway. I can barely make it to clear a decent path in front of our house for hour neighbors. My lower back hurts so much by the time I’m done, I can barely walk. And yes, I know – lift with the knees (which I do), but I still need to use my lower back muscles to help me hold the shovel full of snow up, as I toss it aside. Bottom line, my lower back is as lazy as I am and it yells at me if I make it have to do any work at all.

So do any of you have physical issues when it comes to an activity like this? What do you do about it?