Patriotism and Equality

Personally, I find overt patriotism to one’s country of origin to be distasteful. We’re all humans on this planet, and while we do divide ourselves by governmentally controlled territorial boundaries, the overt, often dogmatic, loyalty some people display is disturbing. The reason we continue to be divided as a planet and a people is because many people like to set themselves apart, consider themselves superior (or inferior) to others who are different. Either because of the country they were born in, the color of their skin, or even who they choose to love.

When will people learn that it doesn’t matter what genetic haplotype they posses, or within which governmental boundaries they were born, that at the very core, we are all HUMAN. We are all the same species. We all, to some degree, want and need the same things. DNA doesn’t lie, it proves we’re all the same. It proves we all originated in the same place, and that over thousands of years we migrated across the face of our planet.

Dogmatic patriotism and bigotry often perpetuates our obsession with our differences, rather than allowing us to come together as a species. This has been something that has bothered me since I was a small child. I never understood it and I never will. It’s the reason I don’t say the US “Pledge of Allegiance” and when I was forced to, I always changed it to suit my personal beliefs. Here is my version:

“I pledge allegiance to the People of Earth, and to all the diversity that they represent, one Planet, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Don’t like my version? Tell me why in the comments below. How do you feel about overt patriotism and it’s effects on equality and peace on our tiny planet?