Sailor Moon: Helping Me Relive my Childhood Fantasies

I will openly admit that I am somewhat (ok completely) obsessed with Sailor Moon. Now that Sailor Moon Crystal is airing, I can’t get enough (and having one episode every 2 weeks is virtually *killing* me!).

Why am I so obsessed though? It must seem weird that a middle-aged woman would be so obsessed with a cartoon aimed at pre-teens. Well it all goes back to this fantasy world I built in my head when I was a child. Some kids cope with difficult lives by having an imaginary friend. I had an entire imaginary alter-ego and life.

Let me first relate my fantasy, and then I’ll compare the parallels of my fantasy with the story of Sailor Moon. They aren’t identical stories, but there are a lot of interesting coincidences, almost like the creator of Sailor Moon read my mind and incorporated my childhood fantasies into her own narrative.

So my childhood fantasy went like this – I was originally born as the crown-princess of an empire in a far away galaxy. Our kind were far older than humans, and so far more advanced in science and technology, as well as an understanding of how the universe worked, and how it began. In fact, most of the time I imagined that “my kind” were the first intelligent beings to arise. We were mostly humanoid in appearance, with one exception – we had wings and could fly (I’ve always been obsessed with humanoids with wings). In that life, I had a love that was my true “soul mate” (for lack of a better term). We were destined to be married and rule our empire after my parents stepped down (we were immortal and each generation ruled for only so long before handing the reins over to the next generation).

As part of my training, I was set to Earth (which is why I am here) and had to learn how to survive without all my knowledge and technology. My love was also sent here and we had to find each other as a test of our love. Part of my training was to see the mistakes people made on this world, so I wouldn’t repeat them when I became ruler of ours. Sometimes I would also fantasize if I concentrated hard enough, I could transform back into my original form and stop all the misery on this world (I tried to do that a lot, but never actually succeeded).

Ok so those are the main points that I developed in my fantasy. I day dreamed of that life and that “reality” for many years … well into my teens and early 20s before I started to let go and face that it was only fantasy (although a teensy, tiny part of me still wishes there was some truth to it, because … having wings would be amazingly cool).

So now to where I think my fantasy parallels Sailor Moon. Clearly I never fantasized about the Earth being attacked by alien monsters that I had to fight off. When I was a child I thought there were more than enough problems on this planet as it was – it didn’t need more.
Serenity Wings

  • I dreamt of being a princess from a distant galaxy. Sailor Moon is actually Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom (not a far galaxy, but close enough)
  • I dreamt of having wings and being able to fly. Sailor Moon’s final form has wings, as well as Princess Serenity, she also has large white wings.
  • I dreamt of being sent to Earth and being separated from my soul mate, who, in my fantasies was tall with dark hair and blue eyes. Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity was sent to Earth and separated from her soul mate, Prince Endymion (who also happens to be tall, with dark hair and blue eyes!)
  • I dreamt of being immortal, and being the successor to the throne in a distant empire. Princess Serenity (and future Neo-Queen Serenity) is practically immortal and was the successor to the throne of the Moon Kingdom, and rules the future Silver Millenium on Earth with her love Endymion at her side.

Those are the main parallels I can find between Sailor Moon and my childhood fantasy, but I think there’s some interesting coincidences between my fantasy and this program. Just cut out all the monster fighting (which of course, would make the series boring to watch for most people) and you practically have what I kept fantasizing about as child.

Make of it what you will, but watching this series makes me feel, to some degree, like I’m reliving those fantasies from so long ago, and it feels good to go back and visit – even though it’s not reality. 🙂