The Tooth of the Matter

So, the other day I was enjoying a little chocolate (a Mon Cheri … the kind with liquor and a cherry inside). My enjoyment was interrupted by something rather hard that I thought came from the chocolate (perhaps a cherry pit, or a crystallized lump of sugar?). Well turned out to be one of my crowns (on my teeth – I had a total of 2).

I now have a gaping hole where said crown was and so today I dutifully went to the dentist in the hopes it could be easily fixed.

No such luck. Apparently part of the remainder of my tooth came with the crown, and so there isn’t enough bone to put another crown on it. Instead, I will need to see a surgeon about a bone graft and implant. Either that or go the old-fashioned route and get “dentures” with only a single tooth (which isn’t recommended anymore, apparently).

Thankfully my husband and I have insurance so I’m not too worried about cost right now. My biggest concern are all the various procedures (like having the remainder of the tooth extracted, getting a sinus lift, bone graft, the implant itself … *sigh*), having to pull my husband away from work to take me to and from the dental surgeon, the recovery time between each procedure, and how much time it will take away from my work in general. I’m really trying to grow my business more rapidly this year and this sort of set-back, which will force me to slow down, is not going to help.

I may do a vlog about this at some point in the future, once I have more details about everything that will have to happen, so stay tuned!